Some get rich on the misfortune of others.

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Hi Alan, Tesco is greenwashing. It claims to focus on protecting forests, but its industrial meat is destroying them. This is how: the supermarket still buys meat from dodgy companies that are slashing and burning the Amazon and other important ecosystems in Brazil. Forests are our life support system. Without them, precious wildlife will be lost forever, millions of people will lose their homes, and the climate crisis will continue to accelerate.  Can you call on Tesco to stop buying meat from forest destroyers?
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Right now, forests are under threat like never before. Intensively farmed meat and dairy is the biggest driver of deforestation globally — and just last month in the Amazon, an area the size of the Isle of Man was destroyed. [1] Vast areas of the Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal are deliberately set alight to clear land before replacing it with cattle ranches and soya farms for animal feed. [2] [3] These fires rip through Indigenous territories, kill wildlife like jaguars and monkeys, and cause breathing difficulties and long-term health issues for millions of Brazilians as acid black smoke hangs in the air for months. Tesco sells more soya-fed, factory-farmed meat and dairy from huge meat giants than any other supermarket  — its products are directly driving this devastation. Tell them to act now to preserve the forests that we have left, and protect people, our planet and our health:
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As the UK’s largest supermarket, Tesco has the power to change the direction of the food industry towards one that produces enough affordable and nutritious food for everyone that doesn’t cost the Earth. But instead, Tesco bosses are choosing to continue selling products that destroy forests. After thousands of Tesco customers spoke out last year, the supermarket giant shockingly responded by trying to wash its hands of the issue. Tesco spread misleading ads across social media claiming they’re on course to hit their target of zero-deforestation for soy animal feed. [4]  While Tesco bosses might think they can hide behind complicated supply chains and loopholes, we need to show them we won’t let them. So let’s make it happen: urge Tesco to stop putting profit before the planet, cut factory-farmed meat sales in half by 2025, and give us a bigger range of non-meat options:
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Thank you so much, PriyaGreenpeace UK  Amazon deforestation breaks new monthly recordSoya linked to fires and deforestation in Brazil feeds chicken sold on the British high streetRevealed: how Tesco fuelled record breaking fires in Brazil’s wetlandsTesco’s deforestation claims are misleading the public
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