Wednesday Weather

Hello again, it looks a bit iffy tomorrow, but all reports seem to agree that it will be better around lunchtime.

We have 3 options, 1 is to stay as we are, 2 is to start at 12.00pm and finish at 1.30pm while no 3 is to go on Facebook live.

I’ve been trying to sort Facebook out and it seems to have changed since we last used it. No longer can I find our group who receive it plus I’m trying to add Vanessa.

All I’m getting on FB is ” Something has gone wrong- we are working on it”.

My preference is to start at 12.00pm but I really don’ t mind either way, however I would rather risk it than just go straight to FB.

What do you reckon?

PS If you have any relatives in Beighton, please send a pigeon 🙂

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