The dreaded gate

There seems to be concern over a proposed gate that may or may not be open, thus affecting the access to the South Lawn.

Have no fear, when the Vikings sailed up the river Rother passing Beighton, they settled in Killamarsh and their leader Davesson, son of Dave, decided it would be better not only to have a way in, but also a way out. Fortunately that tradition has carried on through the ages by the Killamartians, thus allowing a second access to our Tai Chi area, albeit the East Lawn.

There is an outlet on the far end (east end) of the car park which leads on to Nethermoor Lane. At the side of the large house with the ducks is a snickett leading to the field.

The route is marked in yellow – note: photo taken prior to the ducks

There are 2 further inroads to our fields but that may lead to confusion and someone ending up in Chesterfield.

Please note, I have tried to add a bit of humour, so if anyone has found anything Tasteless, Offensive or Unnecessary, please accept my apologies.


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