Friday Class???

Vanessa emailed to say she wants to come Friday. Any more takers? let me know and I will put out a notification. I will not be there but there is enough experience to do some Tai Chi even without Nina or Janet. You will find that you may learn more by pooling together. I can send a list of the Qi Gung warm up . Then I’m sure that going up to 20 in varied forms should not be too difficult. It’s only me that gets stones thrown at me if I do anything wrong. Anybody else gets sympathy and a big thank you. You would be surprised how many emails I get saying how well Janet and Nina did in my absence.

Here is an example ” Janet and Nina did a lot better than you, you big fat lump”.

That was one of the nicer ones.

Let me know and I will co ordinate, Best Wishes, Alan

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